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Design Process

So you want to renovate your home? Take a peek at our handy guide on how the process works from start to finish. We are with you through every step. 

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One of our designers will review the scope of your project and give you an overview of the various
products and services that we offer. An appointment is recommended, but feel free to drop into our
showroom if you are in the area.



A designer will set an appointment to visit your home. Detailed measurements will be taken so that we
can accurately design your spaces and give you a complete price estimate for your project. If your
project is large, our project manager will also be present so that they can gather the necessary
information needed to prepare the estimate.

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We will carefully design your renovation so that your home's full potential is reached.  Once your design is completed, we will invite you back to our showroom to review the concept. We will present perspective renderings, samples of potential finishes and a detailed pricing proposal for you to give feedback on.

The proposal will be yours to keep, but the drawings remain the property of Welcome Home.



After we have tailored our initial design to better suit you, we will invite you to the showroom again.
If a commitment is made to proceed further with the project, we will require a retainer. This
retainer allows us to make as many changes as necessary to achieve a perfect design. If necessary, we
will schedule additional site visits.  The amount of the retainer will vary depending on the scope of your project.
Upon receipt of a retainer, you will receive copies of drawings as your project progresses. The retainer
will ultimately be applied to your initial deposit upon signing of a contract. Retainers are non-

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Once we have perfected the layout and selected the finishes and materials to reflect your style, we will finalize your design. A detailed contract will be prepared. Upon signing and receipt of a deposit, we will begin
ordering your materials. Your designer will give you a tentative timeline for the start of your project,
including the approximate length of time to complete.



Many of our products have extended lead times as these materials are made specifically for your
project. While we wait for materials to arrive, our team will be coordinating other aspects of your
project such as scheduling tradesmen, applying for permits and tracking shipments. This ensures that
once your installation begins, all materials are in place and everything proceeds as smoothly as possible.

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Before your installation begins, we will reach out to you to begin coordinating. This may included the delivery of a waste bin and final visits by tradespeople and engineers. Once you have received a firm start date, we recommend clearing your spaces of furnishings, artwork, window treatments, etc. Anything that must be left in the home should be moved aside and covered for protection. Keep in mind that while we try our best to protect your property, your home will become a construction zone as the project progresses. We also recommend that if you have nervous pets, that you arrange someplace quiet for them to spend this time as the process will be noisy and potentially upsetting.




Welcome Home stands behind the products and services that are offered. You will receive copies of all
manufacturer warranties for your records. If anything should fail to perform under normal use, please
reach out to us and we will direct you from there.

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