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2024 Kitchen Design Trends

Just like fashion our homes go through trends. From the cabinetry lines we work with, we have pulled together the trends for kitchens in 2024 in one convenient list for you to refer to.


A big trend coming through in multiple companies is green cabinetry. Green is an emerging colour for 2024. Green is a calming colour and a perfect way to add colour to your kitchen without being regretfully bold. The way it looks this trend is going to last way beyond 2024.

Here are the Sherwin-Williams top predicted greens to keep an eye on:

Wood Cabinetry

Wood cabinets are still in high demand. More and more homeowners, designers, and builders still opt for a wood look. This includes real wood and wood alternatives, such as laminates.

It is rare to see the entire kitchen in wood but wood accents make a beautiful statement from light shades of maple to rich walnut.

With wood gaining such popularity a trend that goes hand-in-hand with that is the Japandi style. Japandi often has warm-stained wood on the lower cabinets, mixed with a warm white for the upper cabinets. It’s uncluttered and has a neutral pallet with organic materials.

Homeowners want to continue to bring natural elements indoors which results in an increase in the selection of rustic knotty woods.

Our supplier Superior Cabinetry offers a beautiful Rustic Knotty Alder collection

Appliance Garages

An appliance garage is a convenient and aesthetic way to store small appliances. The decluttered look was once a trend in luxury designs but has now taken over.

This trend works extremely well in a beverage station or coffee bar.

To create this look cabinets with pocket doors, swing doors, or bifold doors can be used.

Super-matte finishes

The demand for sleek and matte finishes and materials is growing. The super-matte look is not only visually appealing it also offers a sensory experience. The finish gives a smooth and luxurious feel when touched and it takes the typical cabinet experience to the next level. An added selling point is that some of the super-matte cabinets offer a scratch and fingerprint resistant surface.

Another trend within the super-matte finish is matching a matte black cabinet with gold hardware, this combination is perfect to add a bit of drama into your space.

Hidden Rooms and Butler Pantries

Storage is always a huge topic for homeowners. The trend is moving more towards walkthrough or hidden pantries which are dedicated to be the main space for kitchen storage, this creates a more open and decorative kitchen.

Hidden pantries can be created by building a false pantry cabinet which in reality is just the cabinet door that leads you into the pantry.

It is clear that the trends for 2024 are all about warmth, texture and mixed materials.

If you want to talk about kitchen trends for your home or come and see what we have to offer, feel free to visit us and have a chat about what we can mean for your space!

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